Storehouse shelves

Storage Racks

Storehouse shelves

Storage racks are used to store stock, materials, product and customer-facing goods in a secure and visible way. Storage racks are commonly used in warehouses and commercial stores.

What Are Storage Racks?

Storage racks are a place designed to store material and product. Storage racks can hold many different types of products because of the various specifications they can be built too. Storage racks can be designed to hold lightweight products or can have increased strength in order to carry heavy boxes of materials. Storage racks are available in predetermined sizes or can be customized completely to your sizing and storage requirements. Storage racks are also available in many different materials including wire, metal, wood, plastic and more. Fiberglass storage racks are commonly used for fields in which chemicals and hazardous materials are stored. Storage racks may be made out of waterproof and fireproof materials allowing for increased safety. The height and spacing of storage racks can also be customized to a company’s specific needs. Some storage racks can also be transformed with adjustable spacers allowing for the spacing to change depending on the storage needs. ┬áThe use of storage racks should be done thoughtfully. If too much storage is required productivity and space may not be as effective.┬á Storage racks should never have more weight put on them then they can handle. This can cause an accident and be dangerous.

What Industries Use Storage Racks?

Many different industries use storage racks as part of their daily operations. Storage racks are commonly used in manufacturing and industrial settings for storing tools and products. Storage racks can also be used to hold pallets of products and for drive through use of automated guided vehicles. These types of storage racks are commonly found in large manufacturing and production facilities. Warehouses often have many different types of storage racks that hold product until needs to be delivered or shipped. Storage racks may also be used for the display of clothing and products. This can include extendable and adjustable arms that can be changed rather easily depending on the height and width of the product. Many office buildings also use storage racks to hold supplies and files.


There are many benefits that storage racks provide. They can be highly customized in order to meet any industry’s needs. Storage racks can also highlight certain products for purchase. Storage racks can also prevent wait time and costs by having stock ready and stored. It does this by keeping a buffer period in which new stock can be ordered without missing out on potential sales with missing stock.