Stacked color cargo containers

Shipping Containers

Stacked color cargo containers

Shipping containers are one of the most common ways of transporting large loads of goods and materials via water, roads, rail and air.

What Are Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers are commonly used on ships, cargo planes, trains and transport trucks. Shipping containers safely contain products, raw ingredients, materials and more. Shipping containers that are not being used for transporting goods can also be used as storage units to house products in.  Shipping containers come in many different shapes and sizes. The most common type of shipping container used is the high cube container, ISO containers and general purpose containers. Containers can also be designed to meet a specific shipping need for a product or company including closed ventilated, heated, thermal, refrigerated and more. Many containers have liners for insulation purposes that can be woven, aluminum, roll-off assembly and dewatering. These liners help to prevent leaks, odor, dirt and water from entering the container. Containers can also have liners added to them that will allow them to transport liquids without leaks or spills. Shipping containers are generally packed and checked by customs before shipping it make sure that in-transit damage and the likelihood of lost goods are reduced.

What Industries Use Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers are used in many different industries to carry freight. The shipping containers may be rented or owned by the company using them. Shipping companies can also be supplied and located by logistics companies. Many different types of freight can be packed into shipping containers including food, clothing, pharmaceuticals, hazardous materials and more.


Shipping containers provide many benefits for companies. They allow product to arrive undamaged to the desired location. They can also provide an inexpensive storage alternative when necessary.