Plastic Sheeting


Plastic sheeting is commonly used in for wrapping materials that are to be packed or transported. It is very durable and can be fit to anything because of its flexible properties.

What Is Plastic Sheeting?

Plastic sheeting is commonly used to wrap items in to protect them from spilling, becoming wet, dirt and physical damage. Plastic sheeting can also be used to fit around awkwardly shaped objects that do not fit in a box or bag. This includes furniture, raw materials, fragile materials, food and more. Plastic sheeting is generally cut very thin. Plastic sheeting that is thicker than 5 mm is best for protecting items from water, gases, condensation and more. This type of plastic sheeting is usually corrugated to allow for greater protection.It can be initially more expensive but if you can reuse the plastic it will actually be cheaper in the long run than having to constantly buy plastic sheeting.

What Industries Use Plastic Sheeting?

Plastic sheeting is used in many different industries. It can help to section off areas in a large warehouse so that products are protected. It can also be used in construction or renovations to protect machines and people from dust, dirt and physical damage. Plastic sheeting is commonly used in the construction industry to help section off other areas when very dusty work like dry walling is taking place. Plastic sheeting is also very common in moving and transport industries. It can be used to wrap up awkward shapes and large items. It can also help to protect furniture or carpet during painting. Plastic sheeting is used for many household uses as well. It can be used for storage to keep items protected from becoming damp. It can also protect items from rodents, mold and other insects.


Plastic sheeting has many different benefits including protecting items from the elements. It can also prevent objects from getting wet or damaged. Plastic sheeting is also a great solution for protecting oddly shaped items that will not fit in a standard box or bag during moving or transport. Plastic sheeting can be reused as well making it an affordable choice.