moving blanket

Moving Blankets

moving blanket

Moving blankets are commonly used during the transportation of fragile goods or products.

What Are Moving Blankets?

Moving blankets can come in a wide variety of different sizes depending on a specific transportation need. Moving blankets can be thin or thick depending on how much cushioning is required. Moving blankets are also made of different materials including felt, wool, fleece, canvas, woven materials and plastic. Polyester is the most commonly used material for industrial and professional moving blankets. It is often filled with recycled materials and can be easily cleaned. Plastic coated moving blankets are often used when it is raining to ensure that the good does not get wet or damaged while in transport. Moving blankets are available in a wide variety of colors, materials and sizes. They can also be printed on commercially helping to increase brand awareness for fields such as moving, transport and warehousing.

What Industries Use Moving Blankets?

Moving blankets are used in many different industries. They are specifically popular for shipping and transporting goods from one location to another. They are used in order to protect a wide variety of products that can be damaged easily including electronics, furniture and glass. Moving blankets are commonly used in the process of moving valuables, antiques and dedicates. The blankets help to protect the products from dirt, scratches, moisture and tearing. Moving blankets are often used for other purposes including renovations, construction, camping and for pets.  Moving blankets are also a popular at home multi-use product that can be used for decorating, storage, pest control, insulation and more.


Moving blankets help to provide protection for goods as they are being transported. Moving blankets can be reused making them the perfect alternative to wasteful packaging materials. They are inexpensive and can also be branded which will increase a company’s brand awareness.