Roll of wavy corrugated


Roll of wavy corrugated

Cardboard is a very versatile product that is used primarily for shipping and storing materials or products. Cardboard is usually used in a box format to package materials.

What Is Cardboard?

It is made of craft paper that has not been bleached. It is then bonded with wood and pulp which makes it strong and durable. This allows it to protect it’s contents during transportation and storage. Corrugated boxes are made from corrugator machines. It is recycled and made from natural products that disintegrate easily. They are an environmentally friendly option that can be used over and over. Cardboard boxes generally consist of outer and inner layers of flat paper sheets. The layer in the center is made out of short fiber paper that allows for protection to force and trauma. The three layers are glued together with a very strong starch adhesive. In order for cardboard to remain strong it needs to stay dry and cool. When cardboard is heated or wet the paper fibers can become weak and tear. Cardboard is a great material for shipping, packaging and holding many different contents. It is a widely accepted material globally. It can also be used in combination with other packaging materials including moving blankets, shrink wrap and foam inserts. Cardboard can be customized to meet the needs of a certain store or business. The strength of cardboard depends on how many layers and the paper fivers used.

What Industries Use Cardboard?

Many different industries use cardboard for a wide variety of uses. Cardboard is an extremely popular and inexpensive option for transporting goods. It is a very common packaging material used for shipping and storing products that are ready to be bought. Cardboard also provides cushioning which makes it a perfect option for carrying fragile items including glass, ceramic and more.Cardboard can also be used as a filler in long strips for transport or to divide products that are being carried in the same box. Cardboard can be used for heavy duty loads or for light weight needs. It can be in different sizes and even printed on to increase brand awareness. A bailer is commonly used to help to break down cardboard so that it can be recycled.


Cardboard is a very inexpensive option for packaging and storing items. It can also be used for transporting and shipping goods. It provides protection from movement and the elements. Cardboard is an inexpensive way for companies to increase their brand awareness by using commercial printing on the cardboard. Cardboard can also be recycled making it an environmentally conscious product.