welder using torch on metal object


welder using torch on metal object

Welding refers to the joining of metals by fusing them together with heat or pressure. The pieces of metal are usually joined together by heating the metal to extremely high temperatures.

What Is Welding?

Welding fuses metals together using heat and pressure. The hot temperature allows the metal to melt making it easy to form with another piece. A filler is often added to the melted metal with pressure and heat. When this area cools the metal will be fused together creating the weld. Welding can use many different types of heat sources in order to make the metal hot enough to fuse to another source. These energy sources include laser, gas flames, ultrasound and electricity. There are many different types of metals that can be welded including bronze, steel, iron, aluminum and more. Glass and plastic can also be welded because of their melting range. Due to the dangerous nature of welding it is important that the proper training and safety wear is always worn. These precautions can help to prevent physical injuries including shock, blindness, radiation, burns and poisonous gas inhalation. The end product or a properly welded product will be strong and able to bear different forces. Welding has been perfected so that it can be performed in many different environments. This includes underwater and in open air. There are many different tools that are required for welding including a power supply. This includes current and voltage power supplies. Welding securely fuses structures together. Most welding takes place in a controlled environment to minimize risk by having safety features and trained staff on site.

What Industries Use Welding?

Many different types of industries use welding. These industries include automotive, manufacturing, construction, fabrication shops and more. Welding is often used in the production of large shipping containers, planes and boats. Many household items that people use on a daily basis are also a result of welding. These products include cars, electronics and more.


There are many benefits provided by welding including fusing metal to make every day products or industrial machinery. Welding may be initially expensive but that is because it is a dangerous job that requires a lot of skill. Welding allows many products to become a reality.