Freight train with cargo containers


Freight train with cargo containers

Shipping is the process of transporting goods by sea, land and air.

What Is Shipping?

There are many different types of shipping and each of them work slightly differently. Ground transport can take place by train or transport truck and is the most affordable option for short distances.This option is not always possible, especially in the global markets that we live in today.  Shipping is generally the most affordable shipping option, especially for long distances. This type of shipping usually takes place on a cargo ship or freighter boats to move goods. It is the most common type of shipping with over 90% of the world’s trade taking place. Merchant shipping is one of the major factors that allows countries to trade and share goods. Free on Board shipments refer to the exporter delivering the goods at a certain area. The costs are paid by the exporter to store and secure the cargo until the cargo has been unloaded at the specified location. Cost and freight shipping refers to the insurance being paid for by the importer and the exporter pays the expenses for transporting the cargo. This can result in the shipping company paying for any damage that is caused to the goods. Some companies also offer guaranteed service refunds if the goods are not delivered to the specified destination in time. Cost, insurance and freight insurance refers to the exporter paying all of the insurance and freight, without the exporter incurring any costs. A new challenge that many companies are faced with today is the increased cost of fuel, insurance and taxes. The cost of production or capabilities may be less expensive in one area of the world but the cost of shipping needs to be monitored in order to remain competitive.

What Industries Use Shipping?

Almost all companies and industries use some sort of shipping method. It can be to ship parts, products, produce and more. Many large companies have their own shipping department in place. This may just be a single employee keeping track of shipping or may include a fleet of trucks to deliver product. Another popular shipping option for small and large companies alike is to hire a logistics company. The logistics company will easily allow your shipping frets to become a thing of the past. Logistics companies offer many different functions including loading, packaging and transporting the freight. They can also provide assistance with customs, taxes and tariffs. There are many new services and features being added to shipping today which help to give ease and peace of mind while the goods are in transport.


There are many benefits for using shipping services. The first being having the product being delivered on time. Shipping can also allow for certain parts to be brought over to make a complete item. There are many different types of shipping. When an industry chooses what type of shipping method to use they will consider tariffs, taxes and more.