Rubber Extrusions

Rubber Extrusions

Rubber Extrusions

Rubber extrusion refers to the process that takes place when manufacturing certain rubber components. This involves shaping the rubber by using a mold. It is pushed through this mold using heat or force.

What Are Rubber Extrusions?

Rubber extrusions are made of natural and synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber has been fine-tuned by man allowing for it to be oil and chemical resistant. It also works better at a wide range of temperatures allowing for grip in tires and other beneficial properties. Rubber extrusions are made from many different types of rubber depending on the durability and strength required.

What Industries Use Rubber Extrusions?

Rubber extrusions make up a wide variety of household and industrial products. These products include plugs, balls, tires, bumpers, seals, crates and more. Rubber can also be used in capital machinery including tractors, assembly lines, conveyor belts and more. Rubber extrusions stamps can be molded and customized exactly to meet your business’s needs. With the right care rubber can last a very long time even under high pressure conditions. Using the right materials including die cast molds and rubber will allow for the final product to be a highly durable good.


Rubber extrusions can be part of many different products. They can be used for household products and in industrial settings. Rubber extrusions are designed to last under various conditions making them very durable. Rubber extrusions allow for many products to be made that people rely on daily including tires, plugs and more.