checking polymer in laboratory

Quality Management

checking polymer in laboratory

Quality management refers to many different aspects that apply to businesses to ensure that functions are being performed to meet certain standards that have been predetermined.

What Is Quality Management?

Quality management ensures that business practices are being completed consistently to make sure that productivity is high and efficient with minimal overlap. Quality management refers to the reasons why a system or process has failed and then how to solve it. This allows for creative thinking and solutions taking place on many different levels. There are four major aspects that come into play to ensure that quality management is being met including planning, control, assurance and areas in need of improvement. Technology has greatly influenced the way that quality standards are achieved and monitored. It can also use automation to minimize external and internal risks. Technology is also used to ensure that process and products comply with predetermined quality standards. Enterprise quality management software allows for communication to take places across many different functions within the value chain. It can then report back data of areas in need of improvement to management.

What Industries Use Quality Management?

Many different industries and businesses use quality management practices. Quality management applies to many different functions including services, production and product development. In order to have quality management standards that are aligned and recognized the International Standard for Quality Management has been developed. It uses a number to signify management’s given standards. The International Organization for Standardization created the world recognized Quality Management System. ISO 9000 principles include customer focus, involvement of people, leadership, process approach, factual decision making, mutually beneficial supplier relations and continual improvement.


Quality management allows for consumers and businesses alike to feel confident and secure in the products and services that they pay for. This is due to a feeling of ownership of the business or industry when it comes to delivering a good to market. Quality management allows for companies to be more efficient and proactive in addressing areas of improvement in a timely manner.