Sterling Silver For Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

Sterling Silver For Fabrication

Metal fabrication refers to different aspects involved in the assembly of metal structures.

What Is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication involves many different processes including bending, cutting and assembling. Other ways that metal can be modified include shearing, forging and welding. The bending of metal refers to the way a hammer is used to shape the metal. Press brakes may also be used to form the metal which air-bend metal into shape. Computer numerical controllers are also used to bend metal into the right position using hard jolts. Cutting of the metal is generally done by sawing, torching or controllers. Once the metal has been completely fabricated they can be drilled, coated, grounded and painted. Assembling the metal is the last step and is done by welding and the use of adhesives. There are many different types of tools and equipment that can be used in fabricating metal. The tools used for metal fabrication includes welding tools, water machining and blasting equipment. Sheet metal is usually the first material for fabrication. Metal fabrication generally uses human labor and robotic technology. Metal fabricating involves making structures from raw materials including metal, expanded metals, castings, welding and fittings. After the welding of metal is completed the product is generally sand blasted, primed and painted.

What Industries Use Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabricating is used in many different fields including machining, forging, metal stamping and die-casting. Metal fabricating is somewhat dangerous so special training is required. Fab shops will often bid on the same project with their price and a timeline quoted. Fab shops will complete the metal fabrication based on the engineer’s drawings and specifications


Metal fabricating allows a piece of metal to be customized and designed to fit a specific need or function. It can then be further individualized depending on the needs and wants of the consumer.