Engineering blueprint

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering blueprint

Mechanical engineering refers to a type of engineering that involves the principles of science and physics in order to design, manufacture and maintain various pieces of mechanical equipment.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is made up of a variety of different functions including research, design, management and development. Mechanical engineering is very complex and requires a great understanding of the main concepts. These concepts include mechanics, thermodynamics, materials science and electricity. These core principles work with computer engineered technology. This is used to design, plan, develop and automate the inner workings of manufacturing plants and all of the industrial machinery that is required. Mechanical engineering also applies to transport, robotics and medical technology. Mechanical engineering applies many difficult concepts including chemical engineering, chemistry, electrical, calculus, algebra and more. Transportation and logistics is another important part of engineering. There are many different measurement units used including force, torque, heat and more. Computer programming and engineering are becoming further integrated into mechanical engineering for industrial and commercial processes. 3D models are used in order to simulate projects. The product life cycle management tool is very useful in order to simulate complex actions. Mechanics study matter and how forces affect them.

What Industries Use Mechanical Engineering?

There are many different industries that use mechanical engineering practices. These industries include construction, automotive, consumer goods, chemical, utilities, materials handling, metal, electronics and more. Robotics are commonly used by mechanical engineers. Programming to the robots to work in industrial fields to do dangerous or repetitive work is a way that engineering helps to keep people safe.


Mechanical engineering is a very detailed field of study that requires a lot of skill and training.  It can help to design and produce new pieces of machinery. Mechanical engineering also allows current machines to be maintained. There are many different applications for mechanical engineering which help to make machines and processes operate better and faster.