Machining refers to the process of shaping a piece of raw metal. The metal is shaped and formed using heat, drilling and milling.

What Is Machining?

Machining is a way of forming metal into a desired shape. There are many different kinds of machining including cutting, non traditional and abrasive. Tools that are used for machining include lathes, computer numerically controlled equipment, drills, drill guns, mills and cutters. Some types of machining are more difficult to operate than others and should only be performed by someone who has been trained specifically on the equipment. When machining is being done it is very important that the right safety wear is worn. This includes eye goggles, ear protectors, gloves and face masks if deemed necessary. Milling machines are a more complicated type of machining. They are generally used for grinding to make asymmetrical designs. The easiest type of machining is drilling and it can be done by pretty much anyone. The drill uses a small piece at the end called a drill bit to cut away the metal through a friction. This grinding action wears away at the other material. Drills are often cooled down using water because otherwise they can pose a danger by setting off sparks.

What Industries Use Machining?

Many different industries will use machining in some sort of capacity. Machining is very popular in automotive, steel and manufacturing industries. Many industries will often have different areas within that are responsible for certain parts of a material being machined. This allows for safety and faster productivity without the tools having to change for each part. Machining is performed on many different types of stock equipment and pieces. Machining allows for many different industries to beĀ  profitable and competitive.


Machining allows for metal to be molded and formed into a specific shape. This can help to create a tool or finished product. Machining offers a low cost of production once everything has been set up. Machining is also very accurate and consistent.