Container Ship


Container Ship

Freight refers to goods being transported by air, sea or road.

What Is Freight?

Freight is made up of goods or materials that is being transported. Freight can be made up of many different materials and may not always refer to the finished product. Freight also refer to ingredients, raw materials and food. Freight is organized into various categories before it is transported in order to help with tariffs, taxes and border crossings. The freight can categorized based on the size, quantity and weight or it. It can also be classified as a household good, express, parcel and freight shipment. Another factor which can dictate how freight is classified is how long it is expected to be in transit. Freight needs to be securely stabilized during transportation.This can include using skids, blocking and strapping. This prevents the product or materials from being damaged or broken. The type of freight will also dictate how it is shipped. If the freight is of a perishable nature it may need to be refrigerated or sealed in a certain way. Medical supplies including medications need to also be stored at a certain temperature without leaving way for tampering.

Freight is often put into containers for travel. There are many different types of transportation for freight including sea, air and land. Ships, trains, trucks, planes and other modes of transportation can all carry freight. Shipping containers can be found on ships and trains making the way to their destination. Taking special care when transporting freight of a fragile manner will allow the freight to stay in tact throughout the various stages of travel.

What Industries Use Freight?

The management of freight may be done internally or externally depending on the size of the load, company and the logistics involved. Some companies have their own delivery fleet to manage their freight. Many companies may depend on popular shipping companies including UPS and FedEx. There are many freight service providers that specialize in the optimal ways of transporting freight.


Selecting the right freight containers and shipment option can help a product arrive intact and on-time. Having the right procedures and freight service and logistics providers in place can help a company to be profitable and competitive.