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Data Logging

Charts and diagrams

Data logging refers to the recording of events that take place on a computer using application software. Data logging can also refer to large stand-alone devices that track industrial processes. Data logging is often used to record activity and find out areas that are in need of improvement.

What Is Data Logging?

Data logging is a type of application software that records different procedures taking place. Data loggers are stand-alone devices that use on-board memory. Data logging can be used to understand server applications that rely on very little user interaction. It involves using digital signal from sensors and networks in order to store data. This data can be stored indefinitely and transferred based on the company’s needs. Digital or analog sensors can be used in order to collect and catalog the data. Data logs are also used to keep track of entries from multiple locations. This way reporting can undergo an analysis to look for correlation between different servers. Many computer operating systems have a form of data logging that allows for documents, messages and more to be saved. Data logs may be very difficult to understand so a log analysis may have to be performed. Transaction logs are used to record data in case the software crashes and i needs to be restored. A data logger records data over time using a sensor that is either built-in or external. Data loggers use the technology of a digital processor or computer which allows for information to be recorded and stored. Data loggers can synch with software applications to analyze the data that has been collected. Data loggers can be automated to check and collect the data based on a certain run time. The price of data loggers have come down significantly allowing them to be employed in many different fields.

What Industries Use Data Logging?

Many different industries use data logging technology. Data logging can be used in large scale offices and industrial settings. Data logging can be used in production to record different processes. If something goes wrong the date logger will have the time stamped. Data logging can be applied to work in many different types of industries. It can help to keep businesses and industries operating at peak performance while preventing information from getting lost.


Date logging services help to keep information secure. It can also synch up and analyze the date that has been collected. Data logging can help determine how a business is doing in certain areas based on information and reports. Data logging can help many industries to perform accurately while storing important information.