data acquisition

Data Acquisition

data acquisition

Data acquisition refers to the signals that measure real world condition and converting the samples into digital numeric values.

What Is Data Acquisition?

This allows the data to be manipulated by a computer. There are different data acquisitions that can change the analog waveforms into processing values. Sensors, signal conditioning circuitry and analog-to-digital converters. Data acquisition is controlled by programs that are used for various programming languages. Data acquisition includes measuring certain physical properties including light, temperature and force. The samples of such properties are taking by a sensor. It converts the physical energy into a electrical signal. Data acquisition systems can be set to only detect certain information in the sensors.  Data acquisition hardware is the interface that takes place between the signal and computer. Data acquisition software works with data acquisition hardware in order to read and translate results.

What Industries Use Data Acquisition?

Many different industries use data acquisition as part of their daily processes. It can be used in industrial settings to measure certain properties. It is also used in manufacturing and construction settings.


Data acquisition allows for data to be collected and modified. It can use hardware and software to measure signals. It translates measurements into numeric results that people can understand.