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Commercial Printing

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Commercial printing has undergone many different changes throughout the years. Commercial printing refers to the printing, marketing and information needs of a company.

What Is Commercial Printing?

Commercial printing refers to many different needs of a company including marketing and information. These needs can be to catch the attention of new clients or to retain existing members. A newer facet of commercial printing includes digital. Digital printing allows for small and large print jobs to be performed easily with minimal effort from the printer. These digital copies can also be modified easily to meet new changes or correct mistakes. Commercial printing is often a way of advertising and promoting a company’s products, brand or services. Promotional items including flyers, pamphlets, signs and business cards are all very popular commercial printing choices. Commercial printing may also be done on promotional items including hats, t-shirts, toys, key chains and calendars. Inexpensive online software allows many small and large companies to perform their commercial printing needs in-house. This allows for the job to be far more customized and inexpensive. There many different templates and features available on the software which allows the end result to look professional. If the business does not have a color or professional printer the work can be saved to a hard disk or memory stick and be brought to a local printing shop.

What Industries Use Commercial Printing?

Many different industries use commercial printing. The industries can be small or large. Some of the most common commercial printing is done for advertising for stores and products. This can be seen in flyers, billboards, pamphlets, posters and more. They allow for a product, store or service to be highlighted to potential consumers. Commercial printing is also done for hospitals, schools and government to inform people. Commercial printing is popular for any industry that is looking to advertise, inform and more.


There are many benefits to commercial printing including brand and product awareness. It can also help to inform people and create interest. Commercial printing is a very effective way of marketing a store, service or brand.