Fire Extinguisher in Office

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher in Office

A fire extinguisher is used to control and put out small fires. The fire at this point is usually smaller and more contained making it responsive to the concentrated force of the fire extinguisher.

What Is A Fire Extinguisher?

Most fire extinguishers are a pressure vessel containing an agent that will put out a fire.Stored pressure fire extinguishers store the propellent and fire fighting agent in the same chamber. Many fire extinguishers use nitrogen, water, foam or air. A cartridge operated extinguisher uses gas in a separate cartridge than the propellant. This type of fire extinguisher is often used in high-use areas like industrial settings. Fire extinguishers that contain water should be used on wood or paper and not a chemical fire. Fire extinguishers come in many different sizes. They should be stored in a safe area where they will not be disrupted unless they need to be used. Fire extinguishers are only able to put out smaller scale fires because large fires need the tools and training of the fire department.

What Industries Use Fire Extinguishers?

Fire extinguishers should be present in homes, boats, offices. cottages, classrooms and factories. Fire extinguishers should be in easy to locate in a contained area in factories, churches, businesses, apartment buildings, schools and hospitals. A fire extinguisher is usually a hand-held device that should be serviced regularly to ensure that it is in proper working condition. People should have an escape route in place in case of a fire. They should also make sure that the fire alarms are in working condition. People should also know where all of the exits are and how to operate the fire extinguisher in case of fire. The Fire Protection Service Company requires that fire extinguishers in the United States be serviced at regularly so that it is safe and in good working condition.


Fire extinguishers are vital in keeping people safe and equipped in case of an emergency fire. People should be trained about what to do in case of a fire. Fire extinguishers can help to put out small fires minimizing damage and health issues.