Fire alarm box

Fire Alarms

Fire alarm box

Fire alarms are very important for notifying people of unwanted fire. Fire alarms generally notify people through sound although visual and vibrational alarms may be used as well. These types of alarms can be used individually or in combination with a ringing sound alarm. A fire alarm system monitors changes associated with combustion. The alarm system will go off if danger seems imminent.

What Is A Fire Alarm?

A fire alarm is a piece of safety equipment that alerts people of fire. A fire alarm system is classified as automatic or manual. Automatic fire alarms are used to tell people of impending danger from a fire. It reports the event to an off-premise location and will dispatch the fire department, police, and emergency services. This dispatching allows the fire to be contained and prevent it from becoming worse. The control panel is the hub of the entire system. It monitors and communicates information where it should. The initiating device of a fire alarm is either manually or automatically actuated. This includes heat and smoke detectors. This also includes the categories of beam, aspirational and duct detectors. Many fire alarm systems will work in conjunction with sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers that are automatic. The primary power supply of a fire alarm system is very important because it is attached to a commercial power utility. Back-up power is generally batteries or generators in case of a power failure. Back-up power is very important because it can provide lights to notify people of exits and escape routes in smoky conditions. Notification appliances are used to supply energy from the fire alarm to let people know a fire is present through a bell, flashing light, horn or more. Automatically actuated devices take on many different forms that will detect the physical changes that occur when a fire is present including heat, smoke, water flow and combustible gas detectors. Newer fire alarm systems use many different features in order to ensure peopleā€™s safety. Voice alarm systems are used in large facilities including arenas and malls. There are different levels of categories for mass notification systems including tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3.

What Industries Use Fire Alarms?

Fire alarms are used in most industries. Fire alarms are very important in keeping people safe and alerted if a fire occurs. Fire alarms are mandatory in most buildings and need to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they are working correctly. The type of fire alarm system used depends on the nature and size of the building. If it is a loud building visual fire alarms may be used to notify people. Businesses, schools and industrial warehouses will have a set fire escape route and plan. This allows for an orderly evacuation of the building in case the fire alarm goes off. Fire alarm systems can notify occupants in schools, hospitals, homes, commercial and industrial environments.


Fire alarms are very important in informing people of a fire. They can help to save lives by alerting people of danger. Fire alarms also help to keep damage caused by the fire to a minimum by alerting people early.