Man wearing protective eyewear and hard hat, looking up

Eye Protection

Man wearing protective eyewear and hard hat, looking up

Eye protection is very important to make sure that certain dangers do not get into the eye. This protective eye wear shields the eyes from heat, water, wind and light. The eyes are a critical organ for almost everything a person does.

What Is Eye Protection?

Eye protection can be goggles or glasses that help to protect the eyes from foreign objects, light, irritants and more. The eyes are very sensitive to injury and irritation so it is imperative that they are protected. Protective eye wear is crucial in certain jobs to ensure that your eyes are not as risk for being harmed. Eye protection is often a type of goggle. It is usually formulated out of clear or tinted plastic. It may have elastic rubber etching and bands around the sides to ensure that they do not shift or fall off. This will also seal off the area around the eyes which could become contaminated with dangerous fluids, gases or particles. High intensity light can also negatively affect the eyes by damaging the retina. Too much unfiltered light can even blind a person. Sunglasses are a common form of eye protection. They protect the eyes from UV light from the sun while making it possible to see in extremely bright conditions. Laser protection eye wear filters out certain wavelengths from the laser that are harmful to the naked eye.

What Industries Use Eye Protection?

Eye protection is very common in many different fields of work including construction, manufacturing, medical, industrial, electrical and welding positions. For some fields of work custom or more sophisticated eye protection is required. This can include chemical and treatment plants where contaminants could splash into the eyes and face. For these job fields a fully covered face mask and helmet are required to provide adequate safety.  Eye protection should be very study and shatterproof as well. If an object was to come flying at the eye the eye protection should be able to easily block the force preventing damage to the eye. Proper eye protection should be worn in any job or activity where you eyes might be compromised or injured.


The greatest benefit of wearing eye protection is keep the eyes safe from harm. It can prevent them being irritated or harmed by chemicals, gases and fumes. Eye wear can also prevent the eyes from being damaged by flying objects, sparks and more. Eye protection is an inexpensive way of keeping the eyes safe and protected.