Industrial buildings at sunset

Air Pollution Control Equipment

Industrial buildings at sunset

Air pollution refers to the amount of chemicals, bacteria and other particles that cause human and environmental changes. These properties can create damage and negative health effects in humans, animals and the natural environment. Air pollution can occur outdoors and indoors. Urban areas including high density cities with lots of manufacturing and cars have the highest rate of air pollution. Air pollution can be due to gases, chemicals, liquids and solids. Air pollution control equipment helps to remove the by-product of chemical reactions from the air.

What Is Air Pollution Control Equipment?

There are many different types of air pollution control equipment. Common types of air pollution control equipment include mist eliminators, air filters, thermal oxidizers, air scrubbers, air purifiers and more. These items can help to clear the air making it safe for breathing. Large blowers and fans are another common way of circulating the air. This allows for clean air to enter while disposing of the polluted air. It is very important to make sure that air pollution is controlled and monitored to avoid serious health problems. Air pollution can cause asthma, breathing problems and more. These conditions may get worse after repeat exposure to polluted air. Indoor air quality is often due to a lack of air ventilation. Other ways to prevent breathing in polluted air is to always wear the proper safety equipment including masks and protective eye wear.

What Industries Use Air Pollution Control Equipment?

Air pollution control equipment is important in a wide variety of industries including chemical plants, warehouses, assembly facilities. Any industry where the air quality is poor should use some form of air pollution control equipment.  Many indoor buildings contain carpeting and wood which gives off formaldehyde gas. Lead can be found in paint and chemical indoor sprays have many negative health effects. These factors need to be considered in warehouses, factories, offices and homes alike.


Air pollution control equipment can protect a person’s health and safety. It can help to prevent long term health issues including breathing problems and more. Having the right air pollution control equipment in place can help to keep people healthy.