Caution tape

Safety Supplies

Caution tape

The right safety supplies make a great difference in ensuring a person is protected while performing a dangerous task. There are many different types of safety supplies that companies use on a daily basis in order to keep their staff safe. Safety supplies can help to protect employees when working dangerous jobs which could result in physical damage.

The most common safety supplies used globally includes air pollution control, ear protection, eye protection and fire alarms.

Air pollution control helps to keep people safe from the contaminants and pollution in the air. Air pollution can cause many different health problems including asthma, breathing problems and more. There are many different types of equipment that helps to clean the air including mist eliminators, air filters, air scrubbers and more.

Ear protectors are a very common type of safety equipment. Ear protection is very important to protect a person’s hearing from repeat noise exposure and high frequencies. The most common types of ear protection include ear plugs, head bands and headphones.

Eye protectors are a common piece of safety equipment worn in many different industries. Protective eye wear can help to ensure that nothing gets into the eyes including bright lights, physical objects and fumes. Common types of eye protection include eye goggles, safety glasses and sun glasses.

Fire alarms are a very important piece of safety equipment that can be life saving. Fire alarms help to notify people of a fire allowing them to get out of the area. It can also dispatch the fire department and emergency services.

Other common types of safety supplies include filtration systems, safety signs, leak detectors and spill containment methods.The right safety equipment can help to prevent and reduce accidents in the work place and at home.