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Supply Chain Management

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Supply chain management is made up of channels and networks that allow for a company to perform efficiently and effectively throughout the supply chain.

What Is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management involves the processes in place to help make a company run effectively. The supply chain is made of different businesses that are working towards the movement and delivery of good and services to the end customers. There can be a few or many different steps involved in the supply chain depending on the scale and size of operations. Supply chain covers all of the steps that are involved from beginning to completion of a product or service being carried out to the consumer. These materials can include raw ingredients, tools and the finished product on it’s way to the store to be sold to the customer. Supply chain management also involves the deciding factors and implemented efforts to make sure that the product arrives safely and on-time to the customer. This includes the planning, design, execution and more when it comes to ensuring that supply keeps up with demand. Supply chain management involves overseeing the distribution strategy, technology, logistics, shipping, inventory management and the flow of  communication. These processes allow for the supply chain is to be complete and efficient.

What Industries Use Supply Chain Management ?

Supply chain management is found in many different businesses and industries. It can be used in industrial and manufacturing companies. It can also be used in many different retailers and grocery stores. Supply chain management software allows people to be informed about many different facets occurring within a company. Effective supply chain management relies on having all of the necessary information in order to provide sufficient data and analysis. Outsourcing is a common feature of supply chain management. Supply chain management allows for strategic partnerships, product life-cycle management and effective communication.


Supply chain management tools allow for companies to be competitive on a greater scale. Customer service, warehouse functions, manufacturing and product development are all important business aspects involved in the supply chain. Employing effective and skilled people to manage the supply chain can also increase the cost-effectiveness and services involved in the supply chain. Knowing the right places to look for improvement allows a company to continuously improve the supply chain.