Laptop motherboard close view


Laptop motherboard close view

Semiconductors are used to connection electrical current through copper and an insulator. It is made of materials that are conductive.

What Is A Semiconductor?

Semiconductors are commonly used conductors of electrical current. A semiconductor becomes more conductive when the temperature rises. This is the opposite that happens to metal when it is heated. Conduction in the semiconductor occurs using hole and free electrons called charge carriers. Doping with impurity atoms increases the amount of carriers found in it. This semiconductor is called “p-type” and “n-type”. Semiconductors are unique in the way that they conduct electric behavior because of their intermediate level of electrical conductivity. A semiconductor has a very small band gap that thermally populated with room temperature electrons.  Semiconductors are classified by the different electrical band that they fall into including valence and conduction bands.  Fermi energy describes the way that doped semiconductors act. Semiconductors have also become organic which are very low-cost and thin products.  There are many different materials that are semi-conductors including boron, nitride and aluminum arsenide.

What Industries Use Semiconductors?

Semiconductorsare used in many different household and commercial grade products. Semiconductors are used in industrial settings to help supply power. They are also used for transistors, motor control and battery management. Semiconductors are found in the most electronics including everyday items such as computers, radios and light-emitting diodes (LED) technology.


Semiconductors provide the benefit of becoming more powerful and conductive based on temperature. This makes them great for use in various settings.