Electric switching relay


Electric switching relay

A relay is a type of switch that uses electricity to operate. A relay is generally made of a coil of wire which is wrapped around an iron core can be found. This provides the path for magnetic flux in which a movable iron armature and contacts. They can be seen as an electrical amplifier that allows for higher output power than input.

What Is A Relay?

A relay is a switch that uses electricity to operate as a switch. There are many different types of operating functions used to operate the switch. The most common type of switch uses an electromagnet to operate the switch. Relays are often used to control a low-powered circuit. They can also be used to control several circuits. There are solid-state and flexible relays. Solid-state relays use a semiconductor to switch the power. A high power relay is known as a contractor. It can control power that is a high as that from an electric motor. In order to ensure safety many modern relays use digital technology to prevent power overloads and short outs. This can help to keep people and building safe from fire and other damage.

What Industries Use Relays?

Relays are used in many different industries including factories, manufacturing facilities and production. Relays are also used in automation and logic functions. Relays can also be found in vehicles, boats and RVs. Relays are used for many different reasons. Relays are commonly used when a machine is switching to standby for power. They can help to amplify a digital signal. Relays are also used for detecting faults in distribution lines. A relay does this by opening or closing circuit breakers. Relays are also used for time delays. They are often used in vehicle batteries to isolate a secondary battery found in cars.


Relays offer many different benefits. They can have multiple contact ratings and energy volumes.  There are also many safety features that relays provide to prevent short outs and overloads. This helps to protect people and their surrounding from shock or fire.