Printed circuit

Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit

A printed circuit board is a piece of technology that is used to connect electronic components to work together. Printed circuits became common place in the mid-1950s for use in consumer and commercial goods.

What Is A Printed Circuit Board?

A printed circuit board is a piece of technology that connects electronic components. Printed circuit boards work by using conductive pathways. These pathways are etched from copper sheets that are laminated  A printed circuit board is a piece of technology that connects electronic components. on a piece of substrate. This substrate will not conduct the electricity making it safe for use. Printed circuit boards are made out of laminates, resin impregnated B-stage cloth and copper-clad laminates. The main consideration that is applied when choosing the laminate includes the material, resin material and fiber material-resin ration. The laminate is measured to a level based on many different factors including shear strength, expansion coefficient, fire retardant and dielectric constant. Most circuit boards are made from a chosen laminate with copper wires that are attached to either side of the laminate. Unwanted pieces of copper are removed to leave the copper imprint. Additive processes add desired copper to a substrate using a chemical bath which helps to bond the ions. For large volume printed circuit boards silk screen printed is most commonly used. For smaller scale printed circuit boards a transparent film with print used to etch is common. Laser resist ablation and CNC-mill cutters are also methods used to perform patterning onto the circuit board. The left over copper acts as the conductor that will carry power through the circuit.

What Industries Use Printed Circuit Boards?

Printed circuit boards are used globally in many different fields and industries. Printed circuit boards allow for many industries to perform tasks using automation and robots.  Printed circuit boards are used in many different electronic products today.  Printed circuit boards allow for processes to become automated including assembly tasks. This type of printed circuit board is extremely popular in manufacturing, packaging and commercial goods.


Printed circuit boards are extremely useful for automated processes. They can perform jobs that are high-volume and time-sensitive which allows for greater production at a cheaper cost. Printed circuit boards are very inexpensive for mass production.