Power Cable

Power Cords

Power Cable

Power cords are commonly used in order to temporarily connect an electronic or appliance to a main electricity supply.  The main supply of power can be an electrical socket in the wall or to a generator.

What Is A Power Cord?

A power cord is a product that allows energy to flow though. Power cords work by providing an extension for an electronic current to run through. This extension allows products that are located far away from a main power supply to reach with ease. Power cords vary in length and their amount of strength that voltage can run through. They come in DC and AC powered options. Power cords are found in many different residential, commercial and industrial environments. Power cords can be fixed to the piece of equipment that they deliver power too or can be detached. Power cords may have other safety features including twist-seal protection and locking features. This can help to prevent the connection from being disconnected. This is very important if  a person is using power tools or operating dangerous machinery. Other safety features that can be included with a power cord are fuses, leakage detectors and pilot lamps.

What Industries Use Power Cords?

Power cords are used in many different fields. Power cords are often used for household use including detached power cords. They are often seen powering up laptops and cellphones. Power cords that are used for audio and video equipment may have a protective shield over it to minimize any type of interference. Power cords are also commonly used in medical fields in order to light areas and power up equipment in various locations of the hospital. Extension power cords can help to power homes and buildings without power during construction. Extension power cords come in a variety of lengths and are able to carry the current a couple hundred feet away. Those traveling to another country may need to purchase a voltage converter which prevents electronic from surging.


Power cords are an easy way to supply power to a device when the main supply is located at a distance. Power cords are available in many different lengths for commercial, personal and industrial purposes. Power cords can be thicker and more durable for industrial use. Power cords are also available in a sterile form for use in various medical facilities.