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Power Converters

Power Adapter

Power converters are used to convert energy into a different form. Power converters can be very simple or extremely sophisticated systems depending on the needs of energy conversion.

What Is A Power Converter?

Power converters change energy into a different form. This can mean changing the electrical energy from AC to DC. The frequency and voltage in an electric current can also be changed. Power converters can be used as a simple transformer or can be a larger mechanical device. There are different ways to describe the type of power conversion taking place including what type of input and output is being used. This includes direct current (DC) and alternating currents (AC). Power converters can change DC to AC, DC to DC and AC to DC. In order to keep the power converter from overheating circuit protection and a cooling fans are often used. The interface for power converters includes local and computer interfaces. Power converters can also use application software to control the functions and performance of the power converter.

What Products Use Power Converters?

Some examples of power converters include computers, electronics and other powered devices. There are various types of power inverters, each with different specifications. When a person is selecting a power converter they should consider the voltage, the maximum input and the minimum input required. Out-power voltage and adjustable power settings are two important features as well. Power converters can be controlled remotely using a remote controller. In North America regulations for power converters are currently set at 60 Hertz. Power converters can be part of a large phase operation system that is used in an industrial industry.


Power converters can allow for energy to be delivered steadily in whatever form it is needed in. The right power converters will make any job easier. Power converters are a great solution when power needs to be converted into a different form.