Load Cells


A load cell is a type of transducer. They are commonly found in many different electronics including weigh scales and test cells.

What Is A Load Cell?

A Load cell is a common type of transducer. Transducers are used to convert electrical signals. The conversion takes place indirectly. The conversion takes place in two different stages using various mechanics. Load cells are used to measure the compression, force and size of a load. The force of the electrical signal going through deforms a strain gage. This creates an electrical signal. A load cell contains four strain gauges on average in a wheatstone bridge. There are a variety of different load cells available including the strain gauge load cell. This is the most commonly-used type of load cell. The pneumatic load cell regulates and balances air pressure using a nozzle and chamber. The hydraulic load cell uses a piston. It is placed in a thin elastic which prevents the piston from coming in direct contact with the load cell. This type of load cell is very common in outdoor environments because it is very resilient.There is oil filling the load cell in which pressure is produced through a bourdon tube. Load cells are subject to trauma when a load changes quickly. This causes a “ringing” which is why a load cell is often used in conjunction with a control system and actuator. This helps to control the ringing of the load cell. This is a more costly load cell because it requires much greater technology than an average load cell.

What Industries Use Load Cells?

Many different industries use load cells especially those that have universal testing machines.Universal testing machines test the stress and strength of materials. Load cells are often use to sample and test compression. They are used in industrial testing stages by physicists and engineers. They are also used by large furniture manufacturers for testing new products. Load cells can be used to test small and large loads alike. Load cells can also be used in outdoor environments. Load cells are often used in the development of large civil structures including bridges and skyscrapers.


A load cell can help to measure the force exerted on objects. Load cells are available in many different sizes that can measure many different sizes of loads. Load cells give very accurate readings allowing people to know the amount of force that is exerted on an object. Load cells can also measure shock and vibration.