Ventilation control panels on wall of spray booth in automotive body shop

Electronic Enclosures

Ventilation control panels on wall of spray booth in automotive body shop

An electronic enclosure allows for safety by preventing electrical shock to equipment users. It contains all of the electronic currents and wires in a confined space. Electronic enclosures can be fitted with switches, displays and knobs. It also prevents harmful emissions and other contents from escaping and getting into the environment.

What Are Electronic Enclosures?

An electronic enclosure contains electronic currents and wires safely. Inside the electronic enclosure the inner workings that conduct electricity will be found. This includes the wires that the signal passes through. Electronic enclosures can be made from a wide variety of different materials. Wood, plastic and metal are all used as electrical enclosures depending on the nature of the job it will be doing. The electronic enclosure contains all of the electrical circuits and is the only thing that a person will be able to see from the outside. There are certain standards and requirements that need to met based on the size and performance capabilities of an enclosure. These requirements are in place in order to provide safety. Some of the requirements include having a hut that will provide physical protection to the structure from weather and humans. Sophisticated electronic enclosures are temperature controlled and are completely above ground. Electronic enclosures are available in many different sizes and shapes.

What Industries Use Electronic Enclosures?

Electronic enclosures are used in commercial, industrial, personal and corporate environments. Electronic enclosures are often used for telecommunications messaging services as well. Electronic enclosures may be large or small depending on the scale of electricity that is being used. Industrial electronic enclosures are large and are usually created out of very durable materials. Electronic enclosures are also found in many household items including calculators, alarm clocks and remote controls.


Electronic enclosures help to protect and secure the inner workings of the electrical device. Electronic enclosures prevent there from being a large tangle of wires and currents out in the open. They also protect people and the surrounding area from possible shock and fires.