sandbags bags white wooden pallet sacks


sandbags bags white wooden pallet sacks

A palletizer is a piece of machinery that provides an automatic means for stacking up cases, boxes or products onto a pallet. Palletizers were first invented in the late 1940s.

What Is A Palletizer?

A palletizer is a common piece of warehouse machinery. It allows for pallets stacked with product to move seamlessly throughout various locations. A pallet is most commonly made out of wood. It is a structure used to support and transport products or equipment. Pallets can also be fashioned out of metal, cardboard and plastic. They are often transported on a palletizer by a front loader or forklift. Often products that are put onto a palletizer are shrink-wrapped with clear plastic in order to secure if it. This allows for the product stacked on the palletizer to remain visible and secure. Palletizers help to keep products coming out of an assembly line or conveyor belt in a specific order. Palletizers are used to carry crates, bags, boxes, bottles and more. Palletizers can be designed to specifically hold one type of item, or can be made to handle multiple different types of items. Palletizers allow for product to be transported to different areas of a warehouse including elevated levels that would be dangerous for humans to have to go to.

What Industries Use Palletizers?

Palletizers are commonly used by many different industries. Palletizers are commonly used in manufacturing, hospitals, construction, warehouses, food and beverage, packaging industries and more.  Palletizers that are used for commercial operations can be fully automated with very minimal human supervision required. Many industries will use palletizers for shipping. They can help with loading and unloading heavy products easily. Palletizers are also used in many large stores including grocery stores and big box stores.


Palletizers offer many benefits including ease of mobility. Palletizers are also very good at keeping products safe and secure during transport. If fragile items are being shipped the palletizers can be programmed to run slower to prevent damage. Palletizers allow product to be stacked through the use of robots and automation rather than having to employee humans. This allows a costs to be cut while increasing efficiency. It also reduces the amount of physical strain it would have on a human body by lifting and loading heavy objects. Palletizers can lift products up high or down low safely.