Triple row production line with open boxes

Conveyor Systems

Triple row production line with open boxes

A conveyor system a piece of machinery that is used to move product or materials from one location to another location easily and quickly. Conveyor systems are also used to transport large loads of heavy materials that would be difficult to transport manually.

What Is A Conveyor System?

Conveyor systems are a piece of equipment that is used to transport materials. Conveyor systems employ the latest technology including automated programming. Automated programming requires minimal supervision by humans. It allows for robots to control the machinery at a less costly rate that human labor. There are many different types of conveyors including bucket, cart-track and chain. These technologically advanced conveyor systems use mechanical and hydraulic systems as well. There are many different kinds of conveyor systems to meet a wide variety of needs. Belt, bucket, gravity roller, electric track vehicle systems are all common types of conveyor systems. Conveyor systems can be customized in their design and performance to be entirely suitable to a certain company or manufacturing need.  Many older and inexpensive conveyors still rely on human power to operate. This involves a person pulling on a rope which will in turn move the belt. A conveyor system must be cared for responsibly with regular inspections to allow it run its best. It is also important to keep key parts in stock to limit downtime.

What Industries Use Conveyor Systems?

Conveyor systems can be used in many different industries, but are specifically popular in food, hospitals,  packaging and material handling industries. Conveyor systems are also commonly used in automotive, aerospace, chemical and agricultural industries as well. Conveyor systems are used to operate escalators, grocery store checkouts and luggage carriers.


Conveyor systems can also be responsible for a large majority of a factory’s ability to be productive and remain profitable. Conveyor systems can be a very costly piece of capital machinery, especially if it is being customized for a plant’s specific needs. Over the long run this investment in capital machinery will be worth it because it will help the company to be more productive. Conveyors also help to prevent humans from having to do repetitive tasks which would have needless wear on the person’s body and strength.